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Software revealing unseen video and audio

Biofield Viewer - subtle changes in video

Biofield Viewer is the latest generation of the video technology developed by John Catchpole from his fractal research in the 1980s for Windows 10 and Apple Mac. It is used in hundreds of complementary medicine practices worldwide, and now has 3D and Pro modes. It takes normal video and reinterprets the information to show subtle changes that are usually unseen.

It is valued in branches of therapy from dermatology with high detail 3D, to revealing subtle changes and imbalances with Dr Thornton Streeter's Biofield and Chakra Viewer enhancement. By providing this open platform we highlight many uses and it shows useful information. We don't endorse any views on interpretation in order to facilitate the broadest research by practitioners.

We recommend meeting Thornton Streeter, inventor of the Biofield and Chakra Viewer extensions, and other practitioners at our next training course.

When purchased through Hugeaura the training is refunded and there is lifetime technical support from John Catchpole, founder and software developer at Hugeaura.

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This video shows the 3D mode:

John has worked with well known authors of astrology and the I Ching and built the Psychic Museum video exhibition for Jonathan Cainer, astrologer for the UK Daily Mail. He also worked in the 1990s in a team of seven people at Imagination Technologies on the 3D graphics chip now used in the Apple iPad and iPhone.

More Biofield Viewer videos explains the science behind the technology and also how to buy from us.

Here are other resources on how Auramancy is used. It's a tool for a wide range of areas where subtle visual analysis is helpful.

Thornton's latest video on the biofield and Biofield Viewer on YouTube here slideshow for the above YouTube, Biofield Viewer is on slides 20, 22, 46, 69-103. slideshow completely on Biofield Viewer.


A study at London Zoo showed where animals were unhealthy as well as where they were losing heat in the winter. Our video cameras usually detect infrared as well as the visible spectrum. Use an infra red remote control towards a digital video camera to see it as a bright light. Infra red shows heat which can also be affected around the body by our health.

How to use

Auramancy (John's original technology used by the Biofield Viewer extension) reveals more information with high performance real time 3D, without 3D source data from the camera. This quantifiably shows information and subtle changes, and can compare images taken at different times.

Auramancy 3D shows more detail with height and colour than can be perceived with colour alone.

The software has advanced viusal enhancement algorithm that can go way beyond the 256 levels of each colour that video hardware measures and shows thousands of levels that can be represented in high definition 3D. chakra images show the etheric human biofield application of this software, with visual evidence of chakras, visible in the subtle changes detected by the Biofield Viewer extension. It has become popular in the 'energy medicine' community as a way to visualise subtle changes that take place and effects that are currently not understood in science.


In the 1980s John was researching fractal graphics and found a way to show subtle light detail that is normally hidden. It shows things not easily seen before, around living things a slight change in light may be related to wellbeing. A face colour change can happen from blood flow, and this system detects much more subtle changes which we believe are related to energy fields. It's also sensitive to lighting so this needs to be taken into account with a constant environment and the latest software updates.

This video system has been used by hundreds of complementary practitioners since the 1990s, together with their own experience and professional knowledge. PIP, Auramancy and Biofield Viewer were all developed by John and sold by resellers around the world. Since 2012 Hugeaura recommends Thornton Streeter's Biofield Viewer which includes Thornton's Chakra filter, online community and where available his personal introduction training. When bought through Hugeaura there is also a members area for those not on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest developments, and direct support.

Hugeaura is run by John in Chiang Mai Thailand, and Cambridge and Salisbury UK. After developing PIP he worked in a team of seven people at Imagination Technologies on the 3D graphics chip now used in the Apple iPad and iPhone.

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